Prayer Journaling - When the STORMS come

STORMS DO COME!  I took the photo above a few years ago when trucks from all over the East Coast were coming to Florida to be ready for an approaching storm, Hurricane Isaac.  As storms sometimes do, Isaac made an unexpected westward turn and headed to Louisiana.  These same trucks turned and headed that way to follow the storm path and prepare to work, wherever it might be needed.  

I've seen trucks arriving today in advance of Hurricane Irma.  And I'm thankful for them too!

We've all seen the devastation of Hurricane Harvey over the last week and a half and what a storm it was!  I've been praying for the people of Houston and surrounding areas.  I've prayed for the first responders and volunteers who have been there to help.  I've prayed for our president and other leaders to have wisdom to know how to act and to act as quickly as possible.  I've prayed as I knew specific things to pray for, but I was challenged about how to pray before the storm hit.

As a Floridian, we are now preparing for Hurricane Irma, with 2 additional storms in the Atlantic behind her.  I'm praying for sure!  But, how would God have me pray in advance of the storm?

If I pray the storm turns east or west and spares my city am I not praying blessing for me and cursing for the east or west?  That can't be how God would have me pray.

If I pray that it just stalls where it is, what does that mean I'm praying for Puerto Rico, Cuba and the islands around them?  I don't think God would want me to ask Him to have it just bear down and stall on top of any of those places.

Wanting to pray in the will of God and not wanting to miss anything that I can learn through this experience with Him, I went to my prayer journal and starting looking through that list of attributes of God that I did in my new journal.  It was a great starting point!   I found some of the following Scriptures to use.  I hope they will help any of you who are praying as well.

He is "the one who hears our prayer" (Psalm 65:2, 66:18-19,69:32,116:2). If we're praying, He's listening!

He is "a stronghold in times of trouble" (Psalm 9:9).  Need strength - He'll be your stronghold!

He "sits enthroned over the flood" (Psalm 29:10).  No matter how high the water - He is higher still!

He "delivers us from all fear" (Psalm 34:4, 50:15).  Struggling with fear from the storm - turn to Him for deliverance from fear to faith!

He "watches over us and does not slumber or sleep" (Psalm 121:3-5). We can rest because He is watching over us.

He can "still the storm to a whisper" (Psalm121:29).  Now that's what I'm praying - Still that storm Lord!

Precious Lord,
You are the truth of the Scriptures we read above.  You hear us!  You give us strength!  Nothing is higher or more powerful than you!  Give us faith for whatever is ahead.  Give us nights of rest and peace to prepare for the coming days.
We trust you despite the weather forecasts, despite what the storm is doing now and despite what we saw in the Houston area.
You told us to be on the watch for increases of storms before Jesus returns.  If we're close to that time, use these storms to turn people's hearts and faith to you.
Father still the storm as much as is possible to keep us in your perfect will.  We don't want to miss one thing you had planned for us to help us know you more deeply before we meet you face to face.
Give wisdom to our leaders and to us.
Help us remember that you are God today and you will be God tomorrow.  You will reign as the one and only God despite the depth and breath of the storms we're praying about.
Protect us.
Protect those who are already relocated to areas where help is expected to be needed.  Thank you for their willingness to leave their families and homes to head into the direction of the storm.
Give us generous and loving hearts to help those around us who may be in need.
Lord, we're facing a potential hurricane, but many today are facing personal storms that are overwhelming them.  Whether our storm is literal or emotional, we turn to you for all that we need.  We confess that cannot get through it without you!
We love you!


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