Don't you love this beautiful dog?  I do and I did.  This was my sister's dog, Blaze.  I can't believe she's gone.  It's been a while but she was loved very much and she is still missed.

I want to ask you to think for a moment.  Not just about pets, but about people.  Think through the following questions and answer them for yourself - be honest!

1.  Has someone been on your mind a lot recently and you keep meaning to call them?  Instead of calling you just text or email.

2.  Do you know someone who is dealing with some really difficult things right now?  Is their difficulty isolating them?  Could there be a way you could be an encouragement to them?  Are you willing to deal with the the tough, the difficult, the challenging, the tragic,  the _____________?  Do you love them enough?

3.  Do you know someone in need that you are staying away from because you don't think you can help them?  Have you ever considered you may be the link in a chain of people who can help?

4.  Do you know someone who is probably going to die soon from cancer or some other awful disease?  Are you reaching out to them in some way, phone or visit?  Some people say they just can't visit in situations like this.  Hear my heart please.  Get over yourself and just go!

A good friend of mine died today.  She passed from this life into the precious arms of Jesus for all eternity.  I'm so sad.  She was a private person and went through a very challenging year with her family.  She never wanted to burden anyone else.  Her husband reached out a couple of weeks ago and answered my texts and phone calls that he saw on her phone.  He allowed me to come visit.  Before the first visit, I prayed earnestly that I could make it through the visit without crying.  Failed at that!  I held her. I read her Scripture that I knew she loved.  I prayed with her.  And, that wasn't my last visit.

If I had waited to go to see her for any reason ....... I would have missed some very special moments, some last moments with a special friend.

My friend, if you feel a nudge for anyone, pray and consider reaching out to them.  One day it will be too late and your opportunity will have passed.


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