A question asked that I couldn't answer .....


A question asked started a year of reflection and searching .... but, yesterday, I could confidently answer the question!

Have you ever had a moment when a question was asked that you should have been able to answer quickly?  Maybe it was for a commitment or for just a simple act, but you knew the answer wasn't something you could quickly give?

That happened to Tim and I a year ago.  We were actually surprised by the moment.  But, a year later we're grateful that we took time to consider the implication of not being able to respond right away.  We spent almost a year searching and praying for what that meant for us.  What was God saying?  Was God once again changing our direction?

Yesterday, our pastor ended the sermon by using an illustration and asking that question we were asked a year ago.  I was completely surprised to hear it.  But, I could answer.  I could give a resounding "yes" with no reservation.

I encourage you not to miss those moments.  We're so busy that people often don't just stop and think, really reflect.  But you may have a new direction or adventure just ahead of you.  I promise - you don't want to miss it!


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