Prayer Journaling Update - IMPORTANT!

I hope you're still journaling your prayer time and that you're finding what works for you!  I'm getting more efficient with my prayer journal and finding more time to pray throughout the day!

IMPORTANT lesson I've learned - Write your prayers down in your journal in some way, whatever way works for you.  Skip the detail and just write what helps you remember to pray.  As the day, the week and even the month passes, you'll be able to look back to that day or week and know you went to the Lord in behalf of those prayers.  Write something down! On busy days, keep that journal close by and capture moments to pray as they become available.

Just as the sand on the beach is moved and blown away by the wind, so will our prayers be tossed and blown by the enemy if we don't intentionally make note of what we are praying about and then pray at some point throughout the day.  The enemy doesn't want us to pray!  Writing our prayer needs down in a simple list of notes becomes a tactical step in fighting life's battles on the Lord's side.


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